January 2021 Calendar

January is the first month of the year according to the Julian and Gregorian systems. This month features one of the most important days, one that is celebrated by pretty much every single person on the planet, New Years’ Day.

For many, it’s also the month when resolutions and goals for the new year are set, actually, this is one of the reasons we created a printable version of the January 2021 calendar – so you can have a blank printable template you can fill with all the goals and resolutions you want for the month. 

Historical Highlights

The name of this month, “January” actually comes from the Roman god of beginnings, Janus. 

It’s interesting to note that originally, the Roman calendar consisted of only 10 months since a pretty weird consideration was made that winter could not be a month (how weird is that?)

Anyway, sometime around 713 BC, King Numa, the second king of Roman introduced 2 more months: January and February. 

10 Interesting Holidays Observed In January

  1. New Years’ Day (Worldwide) – This one should be rather obvious, but just in case, it is one of the most interesting and highly anticipated holidays of the month of January, maybe the whole year. It happens on the first day of the month of January. 

  2. Coming Of Age Day (Japan) – This holiday is celebrated in Japan on the second Monday of January to commemorate all who reach the maturity age of 20.